Another fresh start.

My weight in 2005

My weight in 2005


I’ve been trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember. Around 5th Grade I started gaining about 20 pounds a month and I didn’t stop until I weighed at least 567 pounds. I’ve tried Weight Watchers, the Zone, Richard Simmons, Diet Pills & Shakes and even had the laproscopic R-N-Y gastric bypass surgery. In each case I would lose weight and then gain it all back and more. To be honest, I had pretty much given up…but I realize that giving up isn’t really an option. I have a family that depends on me, friends that care…and I have too much to look forward to, I can’t give up. Yet time is not on my side… I am pre-diabetic. I take incredibly strong opiod medications for lower back pain which cannot even be diagnosed because I can’t be accomodated in the MRI (even the “open” one), nor can I handle surgery. I am severely anemic and my body is leeching calcium from my bones, all because I didn’t take the appropriate vitamins after the Gastric Bypass. I am always tired, always out of breath and always in pain…and it is just getting worse. But there is a light at the end of the tunne….

I was both excited and surprised to see the DailyBurn CEO Challenge advertised. I’ve been using DailyBurn for a while now, from back in the Gyminee days. It makes keeping track of my food and exercise easy, and with my Pro subscription I can plan my meals and exercise in advance. So far I’ve lost nearly 50 pounds on the site, and I haven’t even tried that hard. I plan on giving it my all, using the concepts of the Zone Diet and a book by Dr. Elizabeth Beck. I understand that it is literally do or die…and I choose to live!


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