As the challenge approaches the optimism and hope that I initially had has waned as the reality of my current situation is taking hold.

In addition to being addicted to food, I fear I have become addicted to pain medications. My current medicine is 10 times as addictive as Morphine, even more addictive than heroin. The dilema I face is that is that because I have been on them for so long, I have no idea how bad the underlying pain will be. Is it better to be physically dependent on a drug that affords a decent quality of life, or to be pain-riddled and clear headed? What if my 50 pound weight loss so far was dependent on being pain free? The answer is clear, everything can be solved by losing weight. My doctors have never been able to identify the actual root of my back problems because I have always been too large for the MRI machine.

It’s strange how whenever I gain some sort of momenteum, life has a tendency of complicating things.


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  1. Hi Luke,

    I am the owner of a company called BodyTrace, we sell Internet-capable bathroom scales that helps you keep track of your success. Our weight limit for the current model is 330 lbs. Send me an email if you reach that level, I will send you a scale.

    Good luck!


    • Posted by Luke on August 23, 2009 at 7:41 pm

      That is absolutely awesome, it’s been a challenging last week but I am going to be kicking into gear soon. Hope to talk to you soon! I’m going to contact you WHEN I reach that level, it can’t be a matter of IF anymore!

      Thanks again for your support!


  2. No problem. Looking forward to your email.


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