Dieting on vacation

Dieting is never easy, but I am finding it especially difficult while on vacation. It seems that all I can do is try and control my portion sizes, but so much of the travel experience is based on trying new things, including food, that it is a real challenge. Two things are helping me, the fact that we don’t eat in the car and the constant pain and semi nausea that is coming with my cold turkey fentanyl patch withdrawls.

My wife and I have had a lot of discussions about healthy choices we are going to make next week when we get back to Modesto, which is really exciting. I’m hoping that at the end the dailyburn CEO challenge will not only save my life, but my family, and that we can all be in the final video!

I love the support I am getting fom the site, but am limited to my iphone with spotty cell reception in rural Oregon and Washington. I’m hoping the Westin in Seattle will have a business center!


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