I’m a loser!

I can’t express how nervous I was when I snuck into work to weigh on my final vacation day….but despite my poor eating while out of state I actually ended up losing around 7 pounds in the last week!

I give the credit to all of the walking on the trip as well as dailyburn.com, which really helped me to understand the nutritional impact of the foods I was eating. There are plenty of times, recently even, when I would eat 4 candy bars or an entire bag of chips… I can think of a specific example in the Seattle Pacific Science Center when I snuck out for an ice cream while resting my legs. I really wanted a second one, but knowing I would be writing it down for all to see stopped me from indulging.

As for exercise, the vacation really showed me how sedentary I am. Unless I am going to to the couch, a desk or the car I basically NEVER walk. Unless I’m feeling ill I never sweat. But I learned that I can, that it feels good, and now I want more!

I’m just getting started. My goals for this week are to drink water, introduce exercise, and stay within my calorie range. Then, slowly, I will really focus on what I am eating.


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