I have been so tired lately, but I have much to share.

1. I need gall bladder surgery but I haven’t met the surgeon yet and don’t know anything beyold that I have many small stones.

2, I raised $1,072 for the American Heart Association Heart Walk. Notable were a large donation from work and a donation from a stranger, who inspired and haunted me with the words “there is more to life than just existing”.

3. I have been sleeping A LOT, not exercising at all and not keeping track of my bad eating. The call from my doc telling me that I needed surgery sucked the life and motivation from me.

4. Received a note from Richard Simmons today asking for my phone number so we can talk. I’m afraid.

5. My reliance on opiod meds is messing with my metabolism, constipating me something awful and making me an addict. But I can’t find an alternative.

6. Time with my best friend rekindled a sense of who I am and what I once wanted to be.

7. Bowling with the family gave me a glimpse of a life unfiltered by lethargy and obesity.

8. Lastly, a fun iPhone app pasted my face on old yearbook photos, giving me a glimpse of what I might look like thinner.

A video blog is sure to follow.

For now, my immediate plans are:

A. Get out of bed each morning.

B. Stop feeling sorry for myself, i am truly lucky.

C. Drink 8-12 glasses of water each day.

D. Lots of fiber, and senna if needed.

E. No more trying to make the pain patch last longer.

F. Vitamins daily, including iron.

G. Meet nutritional goals, really try and plan foods and don’t freak when I eat more than 800 calories as long as I am sticking around 1200.

H. Catch up at work. No slacking. Fatigue is not an excuse.

I. Do my share of cooking and cleaning.

J. Lastly, follow up with Richard Simmons. I had always thought that the gastric bypass surgery would be my last hurrah, but that didn’t work out. But seriously, if Richard Simmons can’t help me… Who ccan?


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