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Project Me Passport – Video

I really think Richard Simmons rocks!


Video Update

I’m back and ready!

It’s been an exhausting vacation, and I wasn’t nearly as “good” on my diet as I meant to be. Today, the fridge was empty and we were too tired to go shopping until this evening so I laid around and ate very bad food. But I am no longer spending my life looking backwards, my efforts in this challenge do not start tomorrow…they are starting right now.

Below is a slideshow recap of our vacation, it was a lot of fun. I’m hoping that the bad food I ate will be somewhat counterbalanced with the tons of walking and portion control and tomorrow on the scale the news won’t be too bad!


When giving blood today the technician told me that I had saved two lives through my contribution, but I could only think that right now I’m working on saving my own life. Today marks the first day that I truly plan with confidence on eating healthy. Who knows, maybe I will even exercise?

Another fresh start.

My weight in 2005

My weight in 2005


I’ve been trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember. Around 5th Grade I started gaining about 20 pounds a month and I didn’t stop until I weighed at least 567 pounds. I’ve tried Weight Watchers, the Zone, Richard Simmons, Diet Pills & Shakes and even had the laproscopic R-N-Y gastric bypass surgery. In each case I would lose weight and then gain it all back and more. To be honest, I had pretty much given up…but I realize that giving up isn’t really an option. I have a family that depends on me, friends that care…and I have too much to look forward to, I can’t give up. Yet time is not on my side… I am pre-diabetic. I take incredibly strong opiod medications for lower back pain which cannot even be diagnosed because I can’t be accomodated in the MRI (even the “open” one), nor can I handle surgery. I am severely anemic and my body is leeching calcium from my bones, all because I didn’t take the appropriate vitamins after the Gastric Bypass. I am always tired, always out of breath and always in pain…and it is just getting worse. But there is a light at the end of the tunne….

I was both excited and surprised to see the DailyBurn CEO Challenge advertised. I’ve been using DailyBurn for a while now, from back in the Gyminee days. It makes keeping track of my food and exercise easy, and with my Pro subscription I can plan my meals and exercise in advance. So far I’ve lost nearly 50 pounds on the site, and I haven’t even tried that hard. I plan on giving it my all, using the concepts of the Zone Diet and a book by Dr. Elizabeth Beck. I understand that it is literally do or die…and I choose to live!