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Dailyburn Update – Life is hard


8/31/09 Dailyburn Update – Modestoluke

Here is a video update with my thoughts on the past two weeks. I’m down a total of 12.5 pounds, and am looking to the future!

2 Days in a row!

This is my second day at the gym in a row I’m so proud of myself, and it makes me want to eat better so the exercise isn’t for nothing!

I hit the gym!

On the treadmill

On the treadmill

For the first time this year I went to the gym last night, and it was a wonderful experience. I immediately regretted not only my poor eating yesterday but also not utilizing the membership that I have been paying for all this time.

Vacation Remix

Summer 2009 Vacation Remix

An enhanced version of our vacation slideshow, with added photos of missing people and events and enhanced score!

Longer life, better life

I keep thinking of the homeless girl I saw on the streets of Seattle, barefoot by choice, wearing an enchanting handmade skirt of colorful rags, two pet rats on her shoulder and her long matted hair flowing freely as she almost danced down the street. Above all, and despite what many would see as the oppression that should come with poverty and homelessness, she was undoubtedly happy.

I have had plenty of happy moments in my life and I truly am grateful for all of that I have, as well as my potential. If I am honest, despite my previous statement, I would be remiss to say that I am a generally happy person. I wouldn’t say that I am unhappy either, rather I am generally apathetically neuteral, and have been that way for as I can remember.

Lately I have been especially pathetic, complaining and whining about all sorts of imagined slights and yearnings for things that I don’t have or can’t do. Mostly, I complain about my back pain and my health, even though I am extraordinarily lucky.

As I sit here in a Seattle Starbucks, reflecting, I have come to realize that the Dailyburn weight loss challenge is not only a great chance to extend my life, but also my attitudes. Losing weight alone will not bring me optimism, rather optimism can help me lose weight. I do not need to “find myself”, people “are” whomever and whatever they choose to be.

Change will not come overnight, but my first step is desiring change. That, for today at least, along with the memory of the happy rat girl, is enough.